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CLIMA CONTROL Under our Clima Control brand, P&C Mining Services offers the added value of climate control to the mobile mining industry by providing custom HVAC and refrigeration systems designed for the harshest of environments, focused on the need to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality within reasonable installation, operation and maintenance costs. Our approach to climate control is designed to add value to the mining industry by improving the work environment for operators of mobile mining equipment, reducing stress and fatigue and thereby improve overall performance and production levels.
VALUE ADD Our Value Add division is a direct outcome of our company strategy, which is to identify potential areas of improvement within the mining industry with our primary focus placed on reducing the cost of ton mined safely. We are actively looking to diversify into different markets to allow our products and knowledge base to expand throughout Africa. As a second level of adding value we also endeavour to work closely with clients, workers on site, operators and unions to ensure a smooth transition and early adoption of good safety practices.

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SMARTBOLTS With SmartBolts® you'll know FOR CERTAIN whether critical joints are tight at installation and whether they remain tight throughout the service life of the fastener. Get the SmartBolts Advantage with P&C Mining Services. Safer: SmartBolts take the guesswork out of safety, giving you peace of mind because you know your bolts are doing their job. Using SmartBolts results in less fatigue for installers – no repeated torque wrench calibration, no sample re-tightening, no turn-of-nut confirmation required. More Accurate: SmartBolts technology is based on actual fastener elongation under load — the most accurate method of measuring fastener tension. Direct Tension Indicating — DTI SmartBolts are accurate to within 10% of design tension. Reliable: SmartBolts can be used and re-used. When implemented properly, SmartBolts can have a useful life of over 20 years.

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