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Each Consultancy assignment is unique. This therefore necessitates a significant amount of time at the commencement of the activity to establish clear requirements in terms of the scope and final deliverable expected by the client.


The process would typically commence by clearly defining the scope of a client's proposed system or unique set of requirements and then examining each phase of the project e.g. planning, design, development, integration, implementation etc. as well as assisting with system evaluation and costing.


The Consultation would normally culminate in the delivery of a System Proposal, together with other support documents or reports as agreed with the client.


Our extensive experience in the mining industry, combined with our drive for innovation and knowledge enables P&C to recognize areas of possible improvement and to find innovative ways to do so.


With the support of strategically chosen partners within the field of design and engineering, our in-house research and development team have the single purpose of continuously finding new ways of improving the lives of those involved in the mining sector by adding value.


We are committed to innovative product design that delivers the best combination of performance, cost and reliability for heavy-duty applications while reducing our environmental footprint.


At P&C Mining Services we endeavour to work closely with the mines, workers on site, operators and unions to ensure a smooth transition and early adoption of good business and safety practices in the use of our products and services, saving costs, improving production flow and reducing conflict and stress.


This includes extensive on site training and certification where necessary.


Being true to our Strategic Purpose of 'Exceeding Expectations through Understanding Value', P&C also offers clients Service Level Agreements (SLA) tailored to their requirements.


With a focus on preventative maintenance, we strive to reduce down time and cost per ton mined.


P&C Service Level Agreements provide a flexible selection of services to meet your key service requirements.


P&C offers full-service packages, which include installation, processing, and standard maintenance.


P&C Field Service and Maintenance focuses on preventive maintenance that minimizes future unscheduled maintenance and optimizes the life of the system. This service therefore includes preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services to maximize the reliability and availability of your equipment and systems.


Our professional technicians receive extensive technical and safety training. Our technicians are outfitted with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are trained in accordance to OSHA requirements.


This service provides for the analysis and definition of system requirements and is undertaken by experienced design engineers, who will document

 on the exact functionality of the system required to meet the

unique demands of the project at hand.


Once the system specification has been documented and signed off it becomes the baseline against which the system development and design can proceed i.e. it can be used as the basis for the detailed design and development of the system including costing and time scale quotes.

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